A Few Energy Saving Tips

As a Reno Reno heating and air conditioning company, we are constantly searching for new ways to keep your Reno buildings running efficiently. Below is a list of several ways that may just help you be more energy efficient and save money this winter.

  •  Adding a programmable thermostat to your home could save you 8 percent each year
  • Replacing your HVAC filter every two months could increase efficiency in your home by 50 percent.
  • Tank-less water heaters can help reduce gas consumption for heating domestic hot water by 35 percent.
  • Performing annual maintenance on your HVAC system can save up to 30 percent fan energy and 10 percent of space conditioning energy use.

For more information about how Mt. Rose HVAC help you save energy this winter, give us a call. Contact us if you are interest in efficient heating installation this winter.