Air conditioning Energy saving tips

Summer is almost here and we have some tips for you to save money on your Reno Home Air Conditioning.

1. Bigger is better, right? Well not in your HVAC, it’s counter intuitive that a bigger HVAC unit doesn’t mean better air flow. In truth, what happens is that a larger unit will be less effective than a smaller unit, if the space is too small.  Contact us and we can help size you for the right unit for your Reno Home Air Conditioning.

2. Setting the switch to ‘Auto’ will usually turn off the Compressor and the Fan at the same time. Use a smaller fan to circulate air instead of the A/C fan.

3. Think about installing a “Whole-House Fan” instead of the A/C for better savings. They work by circulating cool air and forcing warm air out through the roof or attic. By planning the cooling in the cooler times of day, your home can stay cool when it heats up, even without using the fan.

4. Set it to the highest comfortable temperature in the summer. The closer the gap to interior and exterior temperatures, the lower energy usage.

5. Combine fans with your A/C.

6. Keep any heat source away from the thermostat, i.e. Candles, lamps, televisions, computers, etc.

7. Think about an upgrade of your older unit to a new  ENERGY STAR or EnergyGuide label.


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