Avoid Repair Costs: Winterize Outside Your Reno Home Or Office

As a Reno heating and air conditioning company, we want to see your homes and office buildings running efficiently. This simply cannot happen with frozen pipes. Each winter many Reno home and office building owners have to deal with inconvenience of a burst water pipe. You should have irrigation systems turned off and winterized  to avoid this extra expense. During Reno winters, lawns go dormant so there is no reason to leave your pipes vulnerable to the harsh weather. Watch out for freezing temperatures and be sure you winterize outside of your home or office building before they approach.

Irrigation System

Remember to shut off and drain your irrigation system.  Often times people assume that their landscape maintenance company has done this for them and realize the hard way that they were incorrect in this assumption. Double-checking to see if this has been done only takes a few minutes and can save you money and time spent on repair costs and water bills.


Don’t forget to disconnect and drain outdoor hoses. Disconnecting hoses from their spigots allows water to drain from the pipe. Otherwise, the ice formed from an overnight freeze can burst either the pipe or the faucet. It isn’t usually isn’t until those pipes are used again in the summer that this broken pipe is noticed.


Many people forget to close foundation or exterior vents around the house during the cold months.  Try not to make this pipe-bursting mistake. Closing off these areas will help keep cold air out of your crawl spaces and way from your pipes.

We hope this outdoor winterizing advice was helpful. If you need any help with your indoor heating, Mt. Rose HVAC can help you with all your needs this winter. Get your free estimate or contact us today!