Residential Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Reno HVAC Maintainance tip : Adjust and Clean Dampers

Improper Damper operation is a very common issue with Reno HVAC equipment. This can affect indoor air and cause electricity drain. The dampers are used to stop a compressor once outside air is below 60 degrees. If there are dirty and not lubricated, they stick. This can either cause compressor to keep running or overload […]

Reno HVAC System Leak

We suggest annual inspection of the system to watch for leaks. If leaks are found in your Reno HVAC, you should take actions to replace gaskets or screws, fix latches or patch things together. Do a thorough inspection of the Cabinet and Supply ducts, where the high pressure exists. Even small cracks can bring down […]

Cleaning Reno HVAC Evaporator and Condenser Coils

By default, the evaporator coils create condensation. This is great for growing mold. Since most people don’t want mold in their homes, it’s good idea to clean them at least 0nce or twice a year. Also, the condenser coil is in contact with dust and dirt from the outside air. Cleaning the two of these […]

Replace Reno Air Conditioner Filters

Proper maintenance of your Reno Air Conditioning can save you money and help you enjoy the summer better. Here are a few technical tips to help you out. How to select the filters The amount of micro organisms removed when passing a filter is measured by a standard (ASHRAE – 52.2-1999), better classified as “MERV”. […]

Prevent Mold Growth in your HVAC System

Mold in Reno Residential HVAC systems is a common problem. By their nature HVAC systems create a lot of moisture and if left un managed this moisture, combined with warm environments, can be a breeding ground for mold in your HVAC system. Once in your system, it can be hard to remove without using the […]