Choosing A Heater for Your Home or Business This Winter

Just like you, Mt. Rose HVAC is gearing up for the coming season. Home and business heaters are necessary for people living in the colder regions like Reno. A wide range of heaters are available to choose from, so how does one pick the best heating option? It is necessary to choose one which suits your needs. Here are some factors to be considered while choosing a heater for your home or business.

Electric Vs. Non-Electric Heaters
Non-electric heaters are suitable for outdoor heating purposes in patio and garden and include wood, gas and kerosene heaters are the common forms of non-electric heaters. As they include use of fuels, they are not suitable for indoor home heating. Electric heaters are most commonly used for heating purposes at home and office. They provide clean and gentle heat to your home which is safe and non-hazardous. These heaters are highly efficient when compared to any others. They do not use any combustion fuels and hence are more environmentally-friendly. Types of electric heaters include convection heaters, radiant heaters and fan heaters.

Mechanism of heating is also an important consideration while selecting a home or business heater, especially when you opt for an electric heater. On the basis of mechanism of heating, electric heaters are of two types. They are convection heaters and radiant heaters. Convection heaters contain heating coils and powered fans for circulating warm air inside the room. Convection heaters are best suitable for outdoor home heating. Whereas radiant heaters directly warm up the objects present in the room instead of heating the air. You can prefer radiant heaters when you require instant heat that can be felt within no time.

Cost and Efficiency
Selection of a home heater also depends on the cost of the heater. You can select one based on the amount you can afford. Purchase, installation and maintenance costs associated with a heater have to be considered before choosing one. Energy efficiency is the ratio between the amount of energy consumed to the amount of energy generated as heat by the heater. Electric heaters are extremely energy efficient in conversion of heat from electricity. Heaters having a thermostat and an automatic on or off function can be chosen for saving energy costs.

Mt. Rose HVAC can help you with all your heating needs this winter. Get your free estimate or contact us today!