Cleaning Reno HVAC Evaporator and Condenser Coils

By default, the evaporator coils create condensation. This is great for growing mold. Since most people don’t want mold in their homes, it’s good idea to clean them at least 0nce or twice a year. Also, the condenser coil is in contact with dust and dirt from the outside air. Cleaning the two of these can boost Energy Efficiency.

You may notice that there is a sticky film over the top of the coils, this is actually bacterial waste, this formation traps more organic material. A special cleanser is needed to break down these bio-materials. This cleanser is designed not to damage the metal of your Reno HVAC system.

Frequent cleansing can prevent such a harsh job, but a professional Reno HVAC installer can do this type of maintenance for you. Contact us for more information about your Reno Heating and Cooling System.

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