Efficient Reno Heating Installation and Repair Tips: Air Duct Materials

Whittemore Peterson Institute Ducting

With the cold winter months rapidly approaching, many Reno homeowners are contemplating ways to help reduce their heating bill this winter. To provide you with the best Reno heater repair and Reno heater installation advise, Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning will be providing you with tips and advice through our Efficient Reno Heating Installation and Repair Tips series.

One of the most important aspects to your Reno heating system is an efficient network of ducting. Having proper heating duct installation, heating duct configuration, and heating duct material will have a huge impact on your heating bill this winter. Using fabricated sheet metal ducting from Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning over the flexible, non-ridged ducting will reduce friction and improve airflow to the areas where you need it most. Sheet metal ducting is also much sturdier and less likely to be damaged by rodents or UV light. When installing sheet metal ducting, be sure to check for leaks. Leaky sheet metal ducting is the primary reason why DIY projects often incorporate inefficient flexible ducting. To avoid both of these inefficient Reno heating installation options, contact Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning to have your HVAC ventilation system installed properly by a professional. The amount that you save on your heating bill in the first winter alone might pay for the cost of installation!

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