Energy-Saving Reasons to Change Your Thermostat

When doing heating and cooling installations in the Reno area, we see that often time thermostats are overlooked. This is an opportunity for energy savings you may be missing.  If you are still using an older style mercury thermostat in your Reno home or business, it is time to change to digital.

Digital thermostats are much more efficient by the nature of their design. Digital thermostats are accurate within a plus or minus one degree range whereas mercury thermostats can be extremely inaccurate. Mercury thermostats use a bi-metal coil which expands and contracts as temperature changes. A digital stat uses a thermistor which changes in resistance as temperature changes. While the bi-metal component on mercury stats reacts slowly to temperature change, digital thermostats react almost instantly to the temperature change resulting in much more efficient operation of your equipment.

Do your business or home a favor and replace any mercury thermostats you may have and you will see a difference in your utility bill. Some businesses can have multiple units which will mean multiple thermostats. If you were to change all of these mercury thermostats to digital you are looking at some serious savings. If you are looking for other ways to save energy with heating, cooling and ventilation contact us today!