Lower Your Heating Bill This Winter

Mt. Rose HVAC - Keep your Reno home warm this winterAre the harsh Reno winters costing you a fortune on your heating bill? Chances are, your outdated furnace or aging ventilation system could be the problem. Even if you have a relatively new furnace or ventilation instillation, it could be hindered by a poorly planned or executed installation. For instance, you could reduce resistance in your ventilation system by replacing that old flexible ducting with ridged, aluminum ducting installed by Reno HVAC professionals. Also, the addition of a modern furnace could improve your heating system’s effectiveness by 25% or more! Imagine saving 25% on your heating bill this winter – it might even be enough to pay for your new Reno HVAC remodel!

You also will want to ensure that there aren’t any small gaps between doors and window sills to allow the cold winter air to enter your Reno home. If you find any, be sure to seal them up with weather stripping, caulking, or another sufficient sealant so that your heating system can effectively keep your home warm during the cold Reno winter months!

As always, we here at Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning recommend that you contact us for expert HVAC advice before you decide to do any DIY heating installation or repair work on your Reno home. There are a number of safety issues that one must be aware of before undergoing a large DIY heating project, and we usually recommend that you hire a heating installation expert to do the job. By choosing to have Mt. Rose inspect and repair your heating system, you are choosing to have a lower heating bill this winter!

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