Prevent Mold Growth in your HVAC System

Mold in Reno Residential HVAC systems is a common problem. By their nature HVAC systems create a lot of moisture and if left un managed this moisture, combined with warm environments, can be a breeding ground for mold in your HVAC system. Once in your system, it can be hard to remove without using the right tools. It can also be harmful to your health, especially if you suffer from respiratory or immune deficiency health issues.

If you discover mold and mildew in your HVAC system, utilize a few common sense steps by following this list.

  1. Contact a licensed and insured HVAC contractor. The HVAC contractors are trained in managing your Reno HVAC system, including mold and mildew related HVAC problems.
  2. Have your contractor identify the source of the excessive moisture. Most times it’s either caused by the system not being balanced where excessive cooling is causing coils to freeze and thaw, or it’s due to your condensate pan and drainage system not working completely.
  3. In the case of you coils freezing or other system related issue, your contractor will work to balance the system. This will alleviate any issue with freezing HVAC coils.
  4. In the case of drainage issues, your HVAC contractor will identify any blockages and clean them. This will allow the system to drain away moisture, preventing any accumulation and areas for mold to propagate.
  5. Once mold is identify, have the mold removed. Your HVAC contractor can remove mold in your HVAC system with BBJ MMR II, mold and mildew remover. It’s an EPA registered product designed specifically to kill mold and mildew.
  6. Once the mold and mildew have been cleaned from your HVAC system, prevent a recurrence by having your Reno HVAC contractor treat and control mold and mildew growth with BBJ Mold Control for HVAC Systems and Air Ducts. This can be applied directly to the coils, condensate pan and other areas in your HVAC system.  It prevents the re-growth of mold and mildew in HVAC systems for months.

For a thorough system cleaning, contact us to give you a free estimate!

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