Reno Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation Design: Impact on Productivity and Learning

Did you know that heating and air conditioning ventilation design can have an impact on the productivity of your Reno home, office or school? This is because often times when an heating and air conditioning system is installed, very little attention is paid to the acoustical environment of the building.

Background noise in a classroom or office space can be distracting and it can affect productivity. Replacing air conditioning and heating systems and designing buildings with better acoustics can enhance the overall productivity of students and workers. Easy, clear verbal communication requires low noise and little reverberation. Below are some HVAC design suggestions to keep in mind when considering sound-proofing your heating and air conditioning systems:

  • Locate noisy mechanical ventilation equipment away from office spaces whenever possible.
  • Build noise buffer areas into the design to isolate work spaces from noisy ventilation areas.
  • Design ventilation ductwork to encourage laminar flow, or smooth flow, as opposed to turbulent flow which causes the air to undergo irregular fluctuations.
  • Select heating and air conditioning equipment that specifies it’s quiet or employs some type of noise reduction technology.

Ask your heating, air conditioning and ventilation company to take acoustics into account when installing or replacing an HVAC system into your home or office. With an improved HVAC system, you are likely to be more productive. If you are interested in improving your HVAC system, contact Mt. Rose HVAC today!