Reno HVAC Advice: How to Keep Pests Out of Your Ventilation System

Heating and air conditioning vents are often easy access for insects to get into your Reno home. An easy solution for preventing an insect invasion is to attach a wire mesh screen to your heating and air conditioning air vents. The gaps in the wire mesh should be big enough to allow air to circulate with little resistance but small enough to prevent insects from squeezing through and into your Reno home. The most durable material to construct a pest screen from is aluminum wire mesh. It also has the advantage of being simple to cut and shape to suit specific air vent sizes and shapes. If the DIY air vent is cut correctly, the wire mesh will prevent insects from infesting your air vents. If your Reno home is located near an open ground water source, an aluminum DIY air conditioner vent cover or heating vent cover will go a long way in helping you solve your pest problem!

If you decide that the task is too large or you would rather have the professional results that only a trained Reno HVAC professional can deliver, then be sure to contact Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning, your Reno HVAC experts! We will bring the proper tools and the necessary experience in order to get the job done right and help make your home a pest-free environment.

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