Replace Reno Air Conditioner Filters

Proper maintenance of your Reno Air Conditioning can save you money and help you enjoy the summer better. Here are a few technical tips to help you out.

How to select the filters

The amount of micro organisms removed when passing a filter is measured by a standard (ASHRAE – 52.2-1999), better classified as “MERV”. The better the MERV rating the better the filtration. Typically MERV rating 11 or higher is suggested.

Material and texture also make a huge impact on the air quality coming out of you vents. Cotton and some Synthetic fabrics will produce cleaner air more efficiently, pleated increase the input area.

Replace Filters ( 1 – 6 months )

Filters are designed to be replaced often. Depending on air born dust, the range is from 1 to 6 months on average. When trying new filters, check them about every month to see how often they should be replaced.

Not replacing filters often enough can breed mold that eats at the dust collected on the filter, and the filter itself. This alone can drastically reduce air quality and pose as a health concern.

Easy to open panels on your Reno Heating and Cooling System that is quickly accessible to filter and coils can really help in changing filters.


For more assistance, contact us, we’d be glad to help you with any Reno HVAC questions.

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