Save Energy: Install a Timer on Your Hot Water Heater

Mt. Rose HVAC is all about keeping your Reno home or office building energy efficient. While our specialty is Reno heating and air conditioning, we have no problem offering advice for other ways to keep your home or office building energy efficient this winter.  If you use an electric water heater, here is an excellent way to save big on your next bill.

The water in electric heaters remains hot for an average of eight hours after being switched off. Our suggestion? Set your a timer on your water heater. If you set a timer on your heater for hours when water usage is lowest, generally during the day or overnight, you can save money and still enjoy hot water. Using a timer on an electric water heater can save as much as five to 12 percent on your hot water bill.

For more information about how Mt. Rose HVAC help you save energy this winter, give us a call. Contact us if you are interest in efficient heating installation this winter.