What Reno HVAC unit is for you? Part III

We already covered the one room Window Reno Air Conditioner, the two room Split Air Conditioner, and this week we’re going to talk about the “Packaged Air Conditioners”

There are two types of this style Reno A/C and it is determined on how it’s put together.

The one has compressor and condenser in one. The compressed gas pass through single units, each having an cooling coil & expansion valve, located in rooms through out a building.

the other has all the components like compressors, condenser, expansion valve etc. in a single case. The condenser is water or air cooled, the cooled air is passed through a high power blower, pushing through ducts in the building.

This will suit most homes and small buildings, but for large stuff, you may have to have a Central Air Conditioner

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