Reno Heating and Air Conditioning installation and repair

Is your home too hot in the summer?  You could be suffering from a poor Reno air conditioner installation.   Your air conditioner could be too small to adequately heat your home, or worse, you could be losing valuable heat through a improperly installed ducting system.  Such problems could be costing you hundreds of dollars each month!

Avoid having to clean up after another poorly operated HVAC company and hire  Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning for your Reno air conditioner repair needs.  We have been in the Reno HVAC business for over 20 years and look to get each job done quickly and completely.

By setting our standards high, we have grown to become one of the most reliable and honest HVAC companies in Nevada.  We provide residential, commercial, industrial, and government HVAC installation and repair services – if you have HVAC needs then we have solutions!

For Reno heater repair or Reno air conditioner repair, Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning is the obvious choice!  Don’t wait until the heat of summer or the dead of winter to act on your HVAC repair needs.  We offer free Reno heating estimates and free Reno air conditioning estimates, so give us a call immediately!