Industrial and Commercial HVAC

Our Reno commercial and industrial heating and cooling projects range from retail stores, medical facilities, supermarkets, convention centers, warehouse/manufacturing and restaurants to major resorts and casinos. Click here to see examples of our commercial HVAC work.

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HVAC Public Works Projects

As a State of Nevada preferential and qualified bidder, we have completed numerous publicly funded heating and cooling projects, including elementary to high schools, colleges, courtrooms and other law facilities, libraries and correctional facilities. We have been selected on several federally funded projects throughout the West Coast including, Naval Air Stations, Army Depots and Air Force Bases.

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HVAC Design and Build

We are exceptional in assisting our customers in all aspects of HVAC, starting with their thoughts and sketches to creating a complete operational heating and cooling system. Our design build projects have included warehouses, manufacturing buildings, restaurants, office buildings, medical buildings and schools. There are no limitations to designing your project.

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Mt. Rose Heating and Air Conditioning has the most advanced construction design software programs around. Our unique building tool allows us to take advantage of BIM technology. In turn saving valuable field time by reducing construction conflicts, such as eliminating collision points between various contractors. This is truly beneficial by helping in the areas of coordination, scheduling and design. This whole process results in a seamless and quality heating and cooling end product.

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HVAC Retrofit

Whether it’s a furnace replacement in your Reno home or a major system overhaul in a large facility, there is no heating and cooling job too big or small. We are always available to assist in potential energy savings that comes with more efficient equipment and systems using the latest standards and guidelines.

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Mt. Rose HVAC’s  industry leading fabrication facility has the equipment and manufacturing ability to meet today’s goals of high quality ductwork and sheet metal. We have the capabilities in our facility to make us excel in the world of cost efficient duct systems. Our facility is equipped to handle jobs of all sizes and scopes. Our fully automated sheet metal facility has today’s cutting edge capabilities including: a fully automated coil line, automated spiralpipe machine, standing seam elbow gore lock, spiral flange machine, and our CAD-CAM fully automated plasma table. We fabricate all sheet metal products including: galvanized metal, stainless steel, PVC coated metals, aluminum, bronze and copper products.

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Residential HVAC

Our Reno residential heating and cooling services include custom homes, housing developments, apartments, condominiums, and motels in heating, venting and ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Click here to see examples of our residential HVAC work.


Green HVAC Solutions

Being environmentally responsible is one of our main concerns and values. We are committed to being a sustainable business and doing our part to preserve the environment in all aspects of our company. As an example of our forward-thinking commitment to the environment, our organization has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited personnel. We have been involved with the Green Building Movement from the beginning of its inception. Contact us today if you are interested in green HVAC solutions.